As part of restructuring my website, I've decided to make English the main language for it, therefore adding the /es/ sub-folder to the URL and migrating all the existing content there; this is the link to the Spanish version of the site.

Some of the existing structure has changed with this. Tags were removed, URLs updated (per language menus 🥳), translated taxonomies (categories > categorias) and templates translations were added.

Regarding the translation, I'm still considering whether or not to support posts translations so the posts are available in multiple languages and there are quicklinks to switch between them.

All these changes are inspired in LazyBears' website, including the upcoming sections like /uses and /books. More post types will be added, maybe a light theme for better readability and snippets for different types of media.

In the meantime feel free to explore and leave any feedback in the comments section. (❗ this was also translated)